Frienemies Perez Hilton and LiLo!

The Top Gossip Sites in the Fame Game

By: Arielle Schwarz

While there are dozens of gossip blogs, some blogs have found a formula that gains them loyal followers and strong reputations, while others fizzle out after just a few months. At the end of 2009, Viralogy, a site dedicated to the business of blogs, came out with a list of their top blogs. The site noted: “From Perez Hilton to TMZ, these blogs have become household names thanks to their up to the minute breaking news. While many may see these as just gossip, to others it’s more than that: it’s news. Similar to large news networks like CNN and Fox, these blogs have become the top source for all news related to celebrities and their lives.”

Their list is based on three categories: Blog Site Traffic, Technorati Authority, and the number of linkbacks that the site had. With over six million viewers in a regular month, TMZ held the top title. Gawker and Perez Hilton, numbers two and three respectively, each had around 2.5 million visitors, and DListed came in sixth on the list with almost 600,000 viewers.

As for today, Technorati lists Just Jared as the top celebrity blog (May 2011) currently, but lists TMZ as the number 6 blog out of every type of blog. That’s impressive, considering that The Huffington Post is number one. In Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere 2010” they reported that blogs continue to be a powerful force in the media world, as their viewership continues to grow with each year. Kudos to you, TMZ, for holding your own in a platform where readers are fickle and have so many choices available to them.